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Membership Guidelines

Membership Process Guidelines

  • A prospective member must attend 3 consecutive meetings.
  • Within the span of the consecutive meetings, a prospective member must complete a minimum of 9 housecalls (4 with Board members and 5 with group members).
  • A prospective member must complete a minimum of 3 housecalls before attending a second meeting.
  • A prospective member must have individual housecalls with members during the membership process.
  • A prospective member should have a NYC office and/or a nexus to NYC with significant NYC-based business.
  • Prospective members should be owners or senior management.
  • A fee of $20 is charged for each prospective member after the first meeting. If a sponsor would like to pay that fee, please let the group facilitator know prior to the meeting. If you have not made previous arrangements with the group facilitator to pay, the prospective member will be required to pay the fee.
  • Members should sufficiently vet prospective members before inviting them to a meeting so as to determine their appropriateness for the group generally and specifically that they do not conflict with any other member.
  • Sponsors should guide the prospective members through the process and facilitate housecalls when a prospective member is having trouble completing the required housecall commitment.
  • If a member has previous knowledge or relevant information regarding a prospective member, please notify the Board as early as possible during the membership process.
To become a member

To become a member:

  • Attend three consecutive meetings
  • Achieve a majority vote by the Board of Directors
  • Make a minimum of nine (9) house calls {consisting of four (4) board members and five plus (5+) other members, excluding your sponsor} by the third meeting (Note there is a possibility of a fourth meeting if more than one guest is up for membership in a specific category).
Criteria of all Membership

Criteria of all Membership:

  • Attendance (Note: there are only 10 meetings per membership year)
  • Guest Referrals
  • Participation in Networking and Social PBNA Events
  • House Calls amongst the membership
  • Business referrals from Members
  • Thank yous
  • Inviting Guests (2 guests per membership year)
  • Introductions outside the group
  • Being professional, ethical and enthusiastic
  • Keep current with all dues

The Membership Committee will monitor these criteria.

PROFESSIONAL BUSINESS NETWORK ASSOCIATION operates as a CLOSED NETWORK. Attendance and history with the group will determine which person becomes or remains a member. When a member leaves, that industry spot will then be open to previous guests as well as new guests until the group has voted in a new member for that industry spot.

ATTENDANCE is a primary criterion for all members at all meetings. Tardiness, early leave as well as habitual absences are strongly discouraged and group benefits are limited when a member arrives for a meeting more than 15 minutes late. As of September 2011 the following applies to the Attendance Criteria:

* If a member has 2 Subs/Alt. that equals 1 Absence. If a member has 2 Absences they will receive a call from the Membership Chair. * If a member has a 3rd Absence he will receive a phone call followed up by a E-letter saying that he/she is subject to Termination. * If a member then has a 4th Absence he/she will be terminated and receive a phone call followed up by both E-letter and Letter by mail in regards to this. * Each member must attend at least one party.

DRESS CODE: A collared shirt & Jacket are required. (No jeans or sneakers)