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  • Richard Freiman

    Richard Freiman

    Richard Freiman

    Attorney at Law, Civil Litigation

    Phone: (646) 553-1900

    Address: 1500 Broadway New York, New York 10036, US

    Mr. Richard M. Freiman, Esq. Attorney at Law, Civil Litigation

    RICHARD FREIMAN & ASSOCIATES, PLLC is a boutique civil litigation law firm based in Times Square in New York City. Its primary focus is the defense of civil lawsuits. The firm offers a comprehensive litigation strategy to its clients which include: commercial property owners; municipal entities; real estate developers; real estate management companies; contractors; trucking, bus automobile and fleet companies; manufacturers; third-party administrators and major insurance carriers.

    The firm is led by Richard Freiman. Prior to founding the firm, he had been a partner at a highly regarded mid-sized firm. When he left, he took with him not only approximately 30 years of legal, trial experience and expertise but also, all of his clients.

    In addition to the litigation practice of RICHARD FREIMAN & ASSOCIATES, the firm also serves as General Counsel to not-for-profit corporations, has extensive experience in Cemetery Law and handles select real estate and estate matters.

    RICHARD FREIMAN & ASSOCIATES understands how to deliver the resources of a large firm with the efficiency of a small firm. Its clients receive optimum results and cost-effective representation without sacrificing quality. Personal attention is provided to each case and every matter the firm handles through well-reasoned, honest and timely evaluations.