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    RSZ Forensic LLC

    RSZ Forensic LLC

    RSZ Forensic Associates Forensic Accountant

    Phone: (646) 889-2064

    Address: 229 West 36th Street New York, New York 10007, US

    Robin Cramer, CPA, CFF, CFE is a partner at RSZ Forensic Associates, a boutique forensic accounting and litigation consulting firm located in New York City and serves the metropolitan area, with offices in Long Island and New Jersey.  With more than 25 years of industry experience, Cramer specializes in complex projects, including financial investigations, white-collar crime, money laundering, damage calculations and evaluations of fraud prevention controls in a variety of industries including, public and privately-held corporations; insurance; media and entertainment; healthcare; professional services; co-op, condo, and home owner association boards; real estate, and financial services.

    At RSZ, we partner with attorneys to achieve compelling and defensible conclusions on behalf of their clients’ cases. We serve as an integral part of the legal team: Investigating Allegations of Fraud * Quantify Damages * Interpret Results * Communicate Findings * Provide Expert Testimony

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